четверг, 5 мая 2011 г.

Краткое содержание третьей версии

Как я вижу многие не читают группы, хотя я неоднократно о них упоминал. Это я к тому, что там был размещён пост описывающий возможности грядущей версии Nomad. Всё это время велась активная разработка, добавлялись новые функции, оттачивались уже существующие и т.д. и т.п.

Продублирую список здесь (переводить уж не буду, думаю больших проблем прочесть и понять не составит):

There will be no 2.9.x version, I've decided to put 3.0.x mark on the next version because changes are many, especially internal changes aimed for plugins support. So major new feature for the 3.0 version is not mass-rename, not operations queue, but native plugins support. Things that already implemented in current development build:

  • Full WFX plugins support with almost all features
  • WCX support improved (unicode support, unification with other parts)
  • Massive file system plugins refactoring, partially for WFX support, partially to simplify development of new file systems
  • Extensible framework for plugins
  • Preliminary support for UI plugins (adding new commands, new tabs, etc)
  • Network browsing speed increased, support for hidden shares, etc
  • Drag-n-drop support completely rewritten (drag from archives to explorer, right-click drag, etc)
  • Quick-find in panels improved, highlight found item name parts, easier configuration, etc
  • Ability to select items using check-boxes
  • Ability to one-click or two-click activation (in addition to double-click)
  • New command: Binary file compare
  • New commands: Map and disconnect network drives, Volume Properties
  • New commands: Wipe files, Clean free space
  • New command: Copy Real Name and Path as Text
  • Working with Win7 jump lists improved greatly (show frequent and recent folders, clear usage statistics command, configuration, etc)
  • New panel toolbar with volume information (label, disk, free and available size, total size)
  • Copy improved (faster, less memory consumption, speed limit support, better elevation support, new abilities)
  • Search improved (faster, much faster when searching in archives, less memory consumption)
  • Much better junction and mount points support
  • Much better elevation support, many more operation are elevatable now (rename file for example)
  • Shell namespace support improved
  • Bookmarks support improved (bookmark all tabs at once, subfolders in bookmarks, custom ordering, etc)
  • Apply button in Options
  • Extenal tools support improved (extract or download files before passing them into tool, starting as administrator, etc)
  • Changes and improvements in almost every part of Nomad, I believe that at least one third of all code base is touched
  • Many-many other things, countless their number

Things that are not ready and expected for Alpha 1:

  • Completing draft plugins interface, locating and configuring plugins

Things that are expected for Alpha 2:

  • Operations queue (most requested feature according to survey)

Things that are expected for Alpha 3 (Can be postponed to 3.1 version):

  • Mass-rename (second most requested feature)